A live sound engineer is not just anybody behind a mixing console. When mixing a band, you are just as important as any other band member on stage because you can easily make it or slow it down. You are part of the band during the show. That is why it is not a job where you can do what you want, but you talk with the band about their preferences, how their music should sound like and what kind of feeling they would like to give the audience. Whether it is in a pub or a stadium, you will have to reproduce the sound of the band, the way they want it.
Even though some engineers see themselves as superior to bands, in the end we are all doing it together. That is exactly what Martin knows better than anyone else, because without bands or artists there would be no sound engineers. That is why Martin maintains the belief of “mutual respect” and he is not just any engineer who sends out his invoice and doesn’t care.
Good sound is not only for the audience very important. Onstage it is essential that the artists are able to hear themselves to perform at their best. And the audience will feel that. So to make sure you get the best sound on stage, contact Martin van den Ban.
Band performing live onstage