Soundengineer, driver and owner of an awesome nightliner.
If that isn’t Rock ‘n’ Roll …

Sound / Digico SD8

What I do best

Rock and roll

What I know lots about

Baba Yaga, my own nightliner

What I like too


What I sometimes need to do

Touring all over the world


”That was amazing. Our compliments about the show. You guys were by far the best band with the most accurate sound”

“Martin has been working with us for many years to our fullest satisfactory. He is a nice guy to have around and does a really good job. He is one of those guys who works with you and finds solutions to get show going and I like that. Martin likes to know what’s expected from him and can get a little cranky if people start to play politics, but never without losing the feeling of mutual respect. Martin is somebody who can motivate others by staying sharp on the job and get the job done on time.”

“Martin is a hard working person, who always find solutions to get the best result. At Rockoffice we are very pleased to have Martin at our F.O.H.”

“It couldn’t be done, and yet you did it. It’s a mystery how you did it, but it sounded amazing in this church”

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Phone: +31-517-591051
Mobile: +31-652-477972

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Skoalstrjitte 3
8855 HK Sexbierum
The Netherlands