Nothing is moving without transport. You might not realize it when you are at a concert but that drumkit, guitar amplifier and those flightcases didn’t get there on it’s own. Loading all the equipment, securing everything so it won’t move around inside the truck or trailer and also getting to the destination on time are some of the important aspects of being away on tour.

Whether it’s only one truck for a single show or multiple trucks for a whole tour, Martin knows like nobody else what it’s all about. Before Martin was working as a freelance sound engineer he started his career as a truck driver and even these days he still sometimes gets into a truck to make sure he doesn’t lose his driving skills.

Trucks aren’t the only vehicles he can drive around in. Martin also owns the drivers-licenses:
• A (motorcycle)
• B (car / mini-van)
• C (truck)
• D (bus/coach)
• E (trailer for all other categories)
• Forklift
• Telescopic Handler
Martin also has a digital drivers-card which replaces the old tacho-discs.